A Special Note to Our Clients Regarding COVID-19

It is an understatement to say that we are experiencing unprecedented times across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are countless questions in all our minds, including those that relate to business, our lives, and important milestone aspirations, such as buying or selling a home.

Please know that The Hooks Group has been and will continue to be proactive regarding the pandemic’s impact on real estate transactions. Fortunately, some things remain essentially the same by virtue of process. Others have seen radical change. In any event, we will work with our clients to every extent possible so that buying or selling transactions can proceed as needed and as planned.

We believe we are stewards of our clients’ success in any real estate transaction. We also foresee that, even during such uncertain times, transactions will continue (which is certainly positive!). At any point, please reach out with questions or concerns regarding the pandemic’s impact on your transaction. We will be glad to promptly and forthrightly answer them all to the absolute best of our ability.

Lance and Janet Hooks
Your Trusted Real Estate Advisors


Very thoughtful couple contemplating a real estate transaction.