In Their Own Words...

I cannot express enough how amazing you were during our home buying process! Lance had our blind spot in terms of negotiating and making sure we had the best deal. He went above and beyond making sure that the house was not defective, and fully resolved even the smallest of details. What makes Lance different: he doesn't smooth over problems in order to get the deal pushed through. He met the problems head on. Janet was awesome in the emotional aspect of it all. Buying a home is a lot of money, but it’s also about building memories and experiences with the people you love. Janet gets this. My experience with her was not just about making sure it had everything we needed for our family... but she made sure it was something that we loved! She was willing to spend as much time as needed to make sure we made the right decision. I have a feeling that Janet's efforts makes sure that all of her clients do not have buyers remorse! I wanted all of you to know what an awesome job you guys did and how appreciative I was of your efforts which I think went above and beyond what I think others would do. I wanted you to know how unique you are compared to other real estate agents. 10/10 - I would recommend you to future clients, and I will definitely sends friends, family, and business associates your way.

—Debbie Prentice, Via eMail Letter, 2019

Our experience with Janet and Lance has been nothing short of phenomenal. My wife and I were thrust into the homebuying process on short notice due to our apartment raising rent and requiring an uncompensated move out period for all residents. We had no idea where to start, but once we met with Janet and Lance for our initial consultation we knew we were in the perfect hands. They detailed every single step of the homebuying process in such detail and provided us realistic expectations along the way. In the end we found our dream home in Highlands Ranch, but we were concerned with our ability to be competitive in this market. Lance put that notion to rest when he was able to negotiate a contract with the seller for BELOW ASKING PRICE. I was shocked and will forever be grateful to this dynamic, power team.

—Phil D. Amos, Via Facebook, 2018

I met Lance when he was walking the neighborhood introducing himself. I found him pleasant, honest and easy to speak with. After approximately thirty years living in my house I found myself in the market to sell my house. I asked people I knew if they could recommend a realtor and most were in my position having not been in the market for a long time and could not recommend anyone. With what knowledge I had I asked on high for guidance and instantly remembered Lance. Now my house was a complete disaster and I was embarrassed to show Lance the house but he was incouraging and helped me through the process. Once Lance was able to put the house on the market he had the house sold in a week for appraised value plus. I look at the sale as a minor miracle. So if you are looking for a realtor who will be straight with you and treat you right call Lance and hopefuly he will get the results for you that he got for me.

—Garath, Via Zillow, 2016

Lance was terrific from day one of meeting him. The home I was selling was my deceased parents home and was in need of some TLC before I was ready to put in on the market. Lance came in with no pressure, he didn't tell me I needed to do this that and the other thing before putting it on the market. He was incredibly patient as I did work through the things that I felt needed to be done to get it ready for showing. Lance was supportive and responsive through the whole process and made a difficult situation a very smooth process for me from beginning to end!! Many Thanks to Lance!

—Sherri Gorman, Via Zillow, 2015

Thanks Lance! We appreciate your approach warm and friendly yet professional and very knowledgeable. Lance handled every detail listing our home and really went to bat for us. We not only gained a real estate agent but a friend as well. Lance negotiated an incredible deal for us on purchasing too and we love our new home!

—The Pattersons, Via Personal Communication, 2014

We used Lance to buy a house in Colorado after transferring from a different market in Chicago. He was very knowledgeable and his communication was thorough and extremely prompt. He was very patient with us through the entire process never rushing us through our decisions though encouraging when a decision was needed. From the time between inspection and closing, we had a baby and we were confident in Lance to make decisions for us when we were tied up and he did a great job for us! We’re forever grateful for his services which helped us find the perfect home for us!

—Jason and Stephanie Lockwood, Via Personal Communication, 2014